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#1 - Large Cheese Pizza

w/ 1 Topping, 24 Wings, & 2 Liter


#2 - Small Cheese Pizza

w/ 1 Topping, 12 Wings, & 2 Liter


#3 - Personal Cheese Pizza

w/ 1 Topping, 6 Wings, & 20 oz.


#4 - Sheet Cheese Pizza

w/ 1 Topping, 50 Wings, & 2 Liter


#5 - Large Cheese Pizza &

12 Wings

w/ 1 topping & 12 wings or 16 Boneless


Please Note: When splitting wing sauces on specials (Ex: 12 Mild / 12 Hot), a $1.75 charge will be applied. A charge of $1.75 per dozen will also apply to breaded wings.


Also Note: Boneless wings may be substituted in specials if available!

                             25" x 18"        16"           13"             10"

                         Sheet        Large     Small     Personal

Cheese Only     $30.75        $19.75      $15.25      $10.25

Toppings Each   $3.30          $2.25        $1.90        $1.40

Double Dough      N/A           $2.50        $2.00        $1.50



w/ Ricotta, Mozzarella,

and Garlic Butter on top  

Kids Pizza Kit


(Includes: Personal Dough, Sauce,

Mozzarella & Pepperoni)

Pizza Toppings

Cup & Char Pepperoni

Regular Pepperoni         Meatballs     Onions   

Mushrooms                    Bacon           Anchovies 

Green Bell Peppers       Ham              Pineapple

Mild Banana Peppers    Sausage        Ricotta

Black Olives                  Jalapenos      Broccoli

Spinach                          Artichokes

Slow Roasted Tomatoes

Grilled Chicken*          Chicken Fingers*    Steak*




Allergy Alert:
Our dough contains a very small amount of peanut oil and has Gluten.

(Same dough recipe since 1960.)

 Large   Small   Personal      24.25      19.05        13.05


- w/ Mozzarella, Ham, & Pineapple

Large   Small   Personal

  26.50       20.95        14.45

Loaded French Fry

- w/ French Fries, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Bacon, and finished with Ranch Dressing drizzled on top


- w/ Sub Oil, Mozzarella, Black Olives, Feta Cheese, Spinach, and Tomatoes

Chicken Wing

- w/ your favorite Wing Sauce,

Mozzarella, Cheddar & Grilled Chicken


Chicken Parm

-w/ Chicken Fingers, Mozzarella, Parmesan

Large   Small   Personal

  28.75       22.85        15.85


- w/ Red or Garlic Butter Sauce, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Mushrooms, Onions, Tomato, & Broccoli



- w/ Red or Garlic Butter Sauce, Mozzarella, Steak, Mushrooms, & Onions


Meat Lovers

- w/ Mozzarella, Pepperoni, Bacon, Sausage, & Ham

Chicken Cordon Bleu

-w/ Mozzarella, Swiss, Bleu Cheese, Chicken Fingers, & Ham

Chicken Ranch

-w/ Sweet BBQ, Mozzarella, Chicken Fingers, Bacon, and Finished with Ranch Dressing Hot Out of The Oven

Large   Small   Personal

  31.00       24.75        17.25


- w/ Taco Sauce, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Beef,

Black Olives, Lettuce, & Tomato; Salsa & Sour Cream


- w/ Our Original Oil, Mozzarella, Artichokes, Slow Roasted Tomatoes, Spinach, Grilled Chicken & Feta

Want Any Pizza To Have Garlic Butter Sauce?!?! Just request it!


Try our personal size Gluten-Free Cauliflower Pizza Crust! 

This is a 10" pizza meant for those looking to cut back on gluten only,

as we cannot prevent airborne gluten.



    Regular       Fried       Breaded          Boneless

       (6)             $9.80          $11.55            (10)   $9.80

      (12)            $16.25        $18.00            (16)   $16.25

      (24)            $29.60        $33.10            (30)   $29.60

      (50)            $54.00        $61.00            (60)  $54.00

All Wings are Served with Bleu Cheese

Wing Sauces

Mild                   Country Sweet (Sweet & Sour)

Medium             Gold (Honey Mustard BBQ)

Hot                    Original BBQ

Blazin Hot         Sweet Baby Ray's (Sweet BBQ)

Garlic Parm.     

Moss Sauce (Mild & Country Sweet Mix)


Fingers (1lbs.)                                                  $10.75

Fingers (1lbs.) & Fries                                    $12.25

Fingers (1lbs.) & Curly Fries,                   $13.25

  Onion Rings or Potato Wedges                        


Served with Bleu Cheese, plus your choice of Wing Sauce.

Platter*                                                              $14.15

- w/ Chicken Fingers, Pizza Logs, French Fries,

Onion Rings, and Mushrooms; Choice of Wing

Sauce, Marinara Sauce, and Bleu Cheese

*Substitutions are not allowed in Platter.

Fryer Things

Battered Mushrooms                                     $5.25

Onion Rings                                                $5.25

Potato Wedges                                                    $5.25

Mozzarella Sticks (6)                                      $7.00

Pizza Logs (5)                                                     $7.00

Curly Fries                     Small:  $2.85    Large:  $4.80

French Fries                  Small:  $2.25    Large:  $4.00

Loaded Fries                 Small:  $4.30    Large:  $7.50

Loaded Curly Fries     Small:  $4.80    Large:  $8.50

- w/ Mozzarella, Cheddar, &

Bacon; Sour Cream or Ranch for dipping

Loaded Mexican Fries     Small:  $5.30     Large:   $9.50

- w/Mozzarella, Cheddar,

Taco Meat, Jalapenos; Sour Cream

or Ranch for dipping

Buffalo Chicken Fries       Small:  $5.30    Large:  $9.50

w/ Pepper Jack, Cheddar, Chicken Fingers,

Buffalo Mild & Bleu Cheese or Ranch

Extras: Bleu Cheese, Ranch, or Wing Sauce - .75 ea.


*Substitutions are not allowed in Hodge Podge.


Fingers (6 oz.)                                                      $5.35

Fingers (6 oz.) & Fries                                         $6.15

Fingers (6 oz.) & Curly Fries or Onion Rings      $6.65

Mozzarella Sticks (3)                                           $3.50

Kids Pizza Kit                                                      $7.50

(Includes: Personal Dough, Sauce, Mozzarella & Pepperoni)


                                                   Large    Small     Mini


Ham                                           $11.50       $7.50       $4.40


Genoa Salami         



Italian Assorted             



Roast Beef


  w/ your choice of Cheese

  & 6 vegetables


Papa Don                                 $12.50       $8.50        $4.95

  w/ Ham, Roast Beef, Turkey


  w/ A Toasted Roll, Ham,

  Turkey, & Bacon


                                                     Large      Small        Mini


Pizza**                                        $11.50      $7.50       $4.40

   w/ Pizza Sauce, Mozzarella

   & Pepperoni.

BLT                                              $12.50       $8.50       $4.95


Chicken Finger

Chicken Parmesan**              

  w/ Pizza Sauce, Mozzarella

  & Romano Cheese

Captain Jon                        $13.50       $9.00       $5.25

  w/ Chicken Fingers,

  Country Sweet, & Tuna

The Boss                             

  w/ Chicken Fingers,

  Country Sweet, & Steak

The Benny                           

  w/ Steak, Country Sweet,

  & Onion Rings


Chicken Ranch                       

  w/ Chicken Fingers, Bacon,

   & Ranch Dressing

Chicken Cordon Bleu             

   w/ Chicken Fingers, Ham,

   Swiss, & Bleu Cheese


   w/ Pizza Sauce & Mozzarella

All above subs include: cheese & your choice of 4 toppings to include: Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Black Olives, Green Bell Peppers, Mild Banana Peppers, Jalapenos, Mushrooms, Pickles, or Cucumbers.

**Exception:  Pizza, Meatball, & Chicken Parmesan Subs come as described; adding any other toppings will incur an additional charge.

Cheese: Cheddar, Shredded Pepper Jack, Feta, Mozzarella, Swiss, American, or Provolone

Dressings: Original Sub Oil, Miracle Whip, Mayo, Mustard, Honey Mustard, Horseradish, Italian or Ranch


Extra Toppings:  Large - $0.85; Small / Mini - $0.60


Extra Cheese, Meat or Bacon: 

Large - $2.75; Small / Mini  -  $1.50



Tossed Salad                                       

Julienne Salad                                   

   -w/ Ham & Turkey

Taco Salad                                           

   -includes Beef, Taco Chips, 

   Salsa & Sour Cream

Chicken Taco Salad                          

   -includes Grilled Chicken, 

   Taco Chips, Salsa & Sour Cream

Chicken Finger Salad                       

Grilled Chicken Salad                      


All salads include: Lettuce & choice of 1 cheese (Cheddar, Shredded Pepper Jack, Feta, Mozzarella, Swiss, American, or Provolone) & your choice of 4 toppings: Tomatoes, Onions, Black Olives, Green Bell Peppers, Mild Banana Peppers, Jalapenos, Mushrooms, Pickles, Artichokes, or Cucumbers.


Extra Toppings:  .85 each

Extra Cheese/Meat/Bacon: $2.75

Salad Dressings:  Vary per location

Extra Dressing/Salsa/Sour Cream:  $0.75 ea.




Ham or Turkey Club                         Steak

Grilled Chicken                                Turkey

Roast Beef                                       Tuna

Chicken Finger                                 Ham


All wraps include: your choice of a Flour, Wheat, or Tomato Wrap; your choice of 1 cheese (See Salads for options) & dressing; and 4 of the following: Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Green Bell or Mild Banana Peppers, Jalapenos, Black Olives, Mushrooms, Pickles, Artichokes, or Cucumbers. 



Toppings - .60 each; Cheese/Meat/Bacon - $1.50

Dressings:  Original Sub Oil, Miracle Whip, Mayo, Mustard, Honey Mustard, or Horseradish 

Extra Dressing:  $0.75 each


Soft Beef Taco                              $4.50

Soft Chicken Taco                         $5.00


Tacos include: Lettuce, Tomato,

Cheddar & Taco Sauce; extra toppings

will incur a fee


Cheese Quesadilla                         $8.75

-w/ Mozzarella & Cheddar


Chicken &Cheese Quesadilla        $8.75

-w/ Mozzarella, Cheddar, Grilled Chicken


Taco Quesadilla                             $8.75

-w/ Mozzarella, Cheddar & Taco Meat


Chicken Wing Quesadilla               $8.75

- w/ Mozzarella, Cheddar, Grilled Chicken &

your choice of Wing Sauce


All Quesadillas come with: Sour Cream & Salsa on the side. Extra toppings will incur a charge.



Extras:  Salsa or Sour Cream - $0.75

                 Toppings - $0.60

                 Meat or Cheese - $1.50

Bread Sticks

$8.50 / $9.50 w/Mozzarella

Garlic Bread

Large: $4.00 / $4.80 w/Mozzarella 

Small: $3.00 / $3.80 w/Mozzarella


Dessert Sticks - $8.75

Sprinkled with Cinnamon Sugar

w/ Frosting on the side

Fresh Baked Cookies - $2.35

Fried Dough - $5.25

-Cinnamon Sugar and/or

Confectionary Sugar

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